Charles Metsker Park Shelter and Field Station

Metsker Park land was donated to Yamhill County for dedicated use by school and organized youth groups, and is in a rural setting surrounded by private and public forest. The open shelter, laboratory, and storage shed were designed in conjunction with the nonprofit Friends of Charles Metsker Park. The committee wanted a cedar timber picnic shelter, but needed to make modifications to fit the available funds.

The architect worked with the pole building supplier to modify a packaged pole building, adding eave overhangs, changing the gable end panel material, and reducing the height from 10’ to 8’ above the concrete slab (providing shelter from rain and human scale).

The park shelter was completed in 1992, is about 1200 sf, and cost about $7000 at the time. Additional funding was obtained for the field research laboratory and boat storage rooms, about 320 square feet.


Construction completed: 1993

Project Highlights:

  • Location: Yamhill County, OR

  • Architect met the committee’s aesthetic goals and limited budget for the park shelter by successfully modifying a basic pole building package.