Historic George Kaufman Home

Residential Historic Preservation and Remodel

Historic George Kaufman Home

The first project was an addition to rear of living room for new grand piano. The addition had to be on the living room, fit into limited site space, and be aesthetically and proportionately compatible with original historic home massing, siding and trim. The sloped ceiling of the addition reflects the sound of the music into the living room, providing good acoustics for house concerts.

A few years later, the front porch was replaced to match the existing historical house style. The existing single front window was replaced with two windows to bring more natural light into the living room. Marcia A. Mikesh Architect Inc. consulted on construction changes.

Construction completed: 1999

Project Highlights:

  • Designated an historically significant landmark by the city of McMinnville, OR.
  • Marcia A. Mikesh Architect Inc. designed an addition for a grand piano.
  • Marcia A. Mikesh Architect Inc. designed a new front porch and windows.